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Browse AI Extract UpWork Job Postings


In this article, we will be using Browse AI Extract UpWork Job Postings.

Are you a freelancer? If yes, then know that you can stay ahead of your competition and land more gigs using Browse AI.

What is UpWork

Currently, UpWork is the most popular marketplace for freelancers. Would you believe it if we said that it hasn’t even been a year since UpWork came into existence?

Yes, you heard us right. UpWork was founded in 2015 when two other popular freelance platforms merged – oDesk and Elance. These two freelance platforms were founded in 2003 and 1998, respectively.

Let us analyze UpWork from different perspectives.

Let us start with freelancers themselves. In the below screenshot, you can see how much money was paid out to active Freelancers by country.

Browse AI Extract UpWork

You can read the entire Community Thread by visiting the UoWork community page titled Number of freelancers by country.”

The above image clearly shows US, India, and Phillippines are the top 3 countries that earn the most from UpWork. You will also find several other blog posts that list these three countries as the top ones.

Another important question is, “Is UpWork most popular for simple, repetitive tasks, or is it equally popular for complex projects?”

According to back in 2020, 85% of all job postings on UpWork were complex and big projects.

And lastly, regarding the nature of employers on UpWork, you will be surprised to know many of the Fortune 100 companies use UpWork.

You can read more about how popular UpWork is in the blog by  titled “Upwork Revenue, User, and Growth Statistics (2022)”

And for UpWork itself, according to its First Quarter 2021 Financial Results, it had made $113.6 million in revenue, which was a 37% increase from its previous quarter.

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Now that we know how popular UpWork is, it is time for us to get started with the blog titled “Browse AI Extract UpWork Job Postings”.

Browse AI Extract UpWork

To make things easier, Browse AI comes with many pre-built robots. One such robot is Extract job postings list from Upwork“. 

Browse AI Extract UpWork

It is time to set up the Robot. In the first step, we need to paste the URL from where we need data extracted. And secondly, we need to tell the robot how many entries we want.

Browse AI Extract UpWork

In the second step, you only need to review the configurations, which in our case was the UpWork URL, and the number of entries we wanted.

Browse AI Extract UpWork

It took a few minutes to complete the project. But when it was done, it was obvious that Browse AI picked up all the necessary information from the provided UpWork link.

Browse AI Extract UpWork

We were impressed to see that Browse AI has created all the necessary column headers by itself, namely –

Title Link Price Level Time Date Description Tags

Also, when we scrolled down, we saw that 90 such pages of extractions were made. Knowing that the extraction was successful, we downloaded the CSV file.

Browse AI Extract UpWork

One drawback we found about the Browse AI UpWork robot is that it did not extract the job post links. Having the links extracted would have been greatly helpful, as it would help anyone visit the job posting page and submit a proposal, then come back to the CSV again to submit more proposals to other jobs from the CSV.

What more can you do with Browse AI UpWork Robots?

As mentioned earlier, Browse AI makes it easy for users to extract data from their desired web pages using its Pre-Built Robots.

If you are a freelancer, you will be glad to know that there are multiple Browse AI Robots for UpWork.

Browse AI Extract UpWork

Wrapping Up!

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If you have yet to get started with Browse AI, you can get started today. If you need any help, Browse AI already has a detailed Knowledge-Base. Moreover, you can always drop by our website to learn about new tricks and How-To blogs on Browse AI.

Before we end this blog, do you want to read about one mistake we made while extracting data from UpWork? Well, instead of using the Pre-Built Robots, we had gone ahead and used the Structured Data extraction feature. We will be covering our experience in our next blog.

Until next time, Cheers!

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