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Generating Mid-Journey AI-Images – Get Started


In this article, we are taking a look at how to start generating Mid-Journey AI-Images.

AI-Generated artworks are slowly taking over. If you can come up with the right prompt, you can generate artwork using AI that looks far better than artwork from humans.

In this article, we are going to learn how to use Mid-Journey – a popular AI tool for generation artwork.

Generating Mid-Journey AI-Images

Mid-Journey is completely free to use. You can sign up now, and start generating images.

Step-By-Step Using Mid-Journey

Step 01 – You need a Discord account to use Mid-Journey, this AI tool works entirely on Discord.

Step 02 –  Visit the official website of Mid-Journey, and hit the Join the Beta option.

Step 03 –  Accept the Discord Invitation.

Step 04 –  When the Discord opens, select the Mid-Journey Server. (MidJourney Ship Icon)

Step 05 –  From the Mid-Journey Server, select a New-Bie Room.

Congratulations! now you have successfully joined the MidJourney community. But now you need to learn how to talk to this AI tool. Let us see how to write a prompt for Midjoruney.

Writing a Prompt for Mid-Journey

You only get 25 free AI images with the free version of Mid-Journey, this is why it is important to learn to use your free trials wisely.

We are going to teach you how to write a prompt on MidJourney, but you can also bring up its own documentation section by entering the prompt “/help”.

When you are ready to start generating AI images, simply type in the prompt “/imagine”

Quick Tip – The more precise you can be with your prompt, the more precisely Midjourney will generate the image.

Here is an example of what a MidJourney should look like.

Mid-Journey AI-Images Automation Daddy

You can see, I have tried to describe what I want from a different perspective – I have set a backdrop (castle, sea, clear sky), time (night), theme (Harry Potter), and Subjects (ship, dementors).

Now let us see what MidJourney generated.

Mid-Journey AI-Images Automation Daddy

Pretty Cool right?

Now let us see what these controllers do.

Mid-Journey AI-Images Automation Daddy

You will see four “U-controls” that refer to “Upscale”, and four “V-controls” that refer to “Version”.

Now which should come first?

You should start with the “V-controls”. Whichever version of the first draft of the images you like, you can use it as the base to generate four more AI images.

You can keep on doing it until you find just the right AI-Image.

Mid-Journey AI-Images Automation Daddy

Now when you are fully happy with an image, hit the “U-controls” to Upscale that image, which means Mid-Journey will generate that image in higher resolution.

Mid-Journey AI-Images Automation Daddy

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Okay, there you go! Now you know how to use MidJourney to generate AI-Image. Let us know if you have any queries.

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