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Murf AI – Creating a Voice-Over in Local Accent


In this article, we are taking a look at Murf AI – one of the best AI tools for generating Voice-Overs. You can use Murf AI to produce YouTube Videos, E-Learning, Advertisements, Explainer Videos, IVR Voices, Video Games, and many more.

Creating a Voice-Over in Local Accent using Murf AI

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a rapidly developing technology that has revolutionized the way businesses operate. From small-scale freelancers to large corporations, AI tools and technologies have opened up a plethora of opportunities for businesses to enhance their operations.

AI is also helping businesses streamline their operations by automating routine tasks and reducing the likelihood of human error. This can lead to increased efficiency and productivity, allowing businesses to allocate more time and resources toward other crucial areas.

Regardless of the size of a business, incorporating AI technologies can provide numerous benefits and help businesses remain competitive in the ever-evolving market.

Murf AI

Explore AI Voice Catalog on Murf AI

One of the coolest features of Murf AI is its built-in library of AI Voices. Here is a list of all the Languages you will find in the library.

Murf AI

  • English (US & Canada)
  • English – UK
  • English – Australia
  • English – India
  • English – Kids
  • English – Scottish
  • French – France
  • French – Canada
  • German
  • Spanish – Mexico
  • Spanish – Spain
  • Italian
  • Portuguese – Brazil
  • Portuguese – Portugalla
  • Arabic
  • Chinese – Simplified
  • Chinese – Cantonese
  • Russian
  • Dutch
  • Japanese
  • India
  • Indonesian
  • Korean
  • Romanian
  • Norweigan
  • Turkish
  • Danish
  • Tamil
  • Finnish

Once you select a language from the drop-down, you will get to see the types of Voices available for the language. The Murf AI voices typically cover the following categories –

  • Young Adult
  • Middle-Aged
  • Kid

Murf AI

All these Voices Over options offer further sub-categories such as Male, Female.

The Voice-Over options that come with the Free version are more than enough, but if you need more variations, you can upgrade to the Pro plan.

How to Apply Voice to Entire Project

  • From the Left Control Panel on the Murf AI dashboard, choose the option “Select a Voice.”
  • On the top-right corner, you will see the option “Apply voice to entire project”.
  • It should be right beside the “Close” option.

Once you toggle on the “Apply voice to entire project” feature, the selected Voice-Over will be applied to all the transcripts.

How to Import Script into Murf AI

  • From the Left Control Panel on the Murf AI dashboard, choose the option “Import Script”
  • The Import function supports .txt, .docx, and .srt file extensions.

Once the upload is complete, the Murf AI will load the contents of the file.

You will get two Import Preferences – you can either split the imported. script by paragraph, or sentences. When you are done, select the Import Script option, and then you will be taken to the Murf AI Dashboard.

Add Effects to AI Voice Over – Murf AI

By default, the Murf voice-over will sound very realistic. However, there is one option to slightly adjust the cadence of the voice-over to add Emphasis. By default, you can only add 5 Emphasis points.

Murf AI

One of the core elements of voice cadence is emotions. Depending on the emotion someone is experiencing, their voice will sound different. Lucky for you, Murf AI also lets you add Emotions to your Voice-Over.

Murf AI

Furthermore, you can also adjust the Pitch, and Speed of the Voice-Over, thus adding another layer of sound effects. And lastly,  you can add “Add Pause” in the range of 250 ms – 1.25 ms.

Murf AI

Wrap Up!

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There is another option on Murf AI – Add Media. It looks like we can create a full-fledged video directly from inside the Murf AI Dashboard.

But first, we need to try out the feature. We would cover that in the next blog.

Also, there is one Voice Cloning option. We have to try it out. Please drop by to read our review.

Until next time, Cheers!

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