Using Browse AI

Using Browse AI – Extract Data from Any Website


In this article, we are going to learn how to start using Browse AI. There are hundreds of online tools. Unfortunately, only a few are truly useful, and Browse.AI is one such tool.

Who can Benefit from using Browse AI?

Anyone whose job is to scrap hundreds of pages of website data can benefit from using Browse AI. Furthermore, it helps with sorting and storing those data for the purpose of monitoring any future change. Does this sound like something you don’t need?

Maybe you didn’t realize the need to use such a tool. However, for career growth, having the knowledge of how to use web-scraping tools such as Browse AI is a must.

Using Browse AI

For example, if you are a Freelancer, you can deploy Browse AI to scrap information about new freelance jobs. Similarly, if you aspire to get hired by any leading global MNC, Browse AI can help you extract information about new job openings.

Next, we will learn more about Browse AI use cases in the later part of this blog.

What is Browse AI?

Browse AI is a web tool that uses Artificial Intelligence. It helps anyone scrap and monitor any web page on the internet. In addition to all its features, there is one key feature of Browse AI, which I found most exciting – coachability. Also, to use this tool, you do not need to write a single line of code.

How can you train Browse AI?

To demonstrate, let us look at this simple example. Suppose you are a Real Estate Agent. How do you succeed as a real estate agent? Obviously, there are different variables in play. But if you want to win, you need to be ahead of your competition.

Using Browse AI

How can Real Estate Agents benefit from Browse AI?

Evidently, as a Real Estate agent, you make a profit on the selling price of a property. This profit comes as a commission payment. So, let us do the math, the higher the price of a property, the more money you will make. But you can only sell a property if you are offering the most lucrative home at the lowest price.

So, how do you set the price? Well, the face value of the house depends on the land value. Furthermore, the cost of construction materials, and labor, also has a role in the value. But the selling price is placed higher than the face value. In brief, this is done because that is where a real estate agent makes a profit.

Naturally, you cannot be placing an above-average price for a property. However, if you do, your customers will go to your rivals.

Using Browse AI

To stay ahead of your competition, you need to regularly monitor what are the pricing strategies your rivals are using. Consequently, this is where Browse AI comes in.

And lucky for you, Browse AI comes with a Pre-Trained Robot that helps you Extract property details from Realtor.

All you need to do is, provide the URL of the Realtor Page, and then go ahead with extracting data, starting with –

  • Price
  • Bed
  • Bath
  • Estimate
  • Sqft
  • Property details
  • Address
  • Sqft lot
  • Image URL
  • Property indicators

Along with extracting the property details from Realtor, using Browse AI, you can also extract nearby Realtors, and all the nearby properties on Realtor.

How can Job Seekers benefit from using Browse AI?

Next, are you a fresh graduate? Are you yet to enter the job market? If yes, know that the recent job market is pretty dry.

Sadly, the global economy is yet to fully absorb the Covid Shock.

Using Browse AI

Unquestionably, if you have the best skill-set, and graduated from the best college, you will find it hard to learn about new job openings, let alone land a job.

Nonetheless, the first step to getting hired by your dream employer is to scavenge when a new position is open. But how do you do that?

Over the years, many employers have started relying solely on LinkedIn for attracting fresh talents. If the dream company is also actively posting jobs on LinkedIn, Browse AI is here to help you.

Luckily, there is one PreBuilt Browse.AI Robot that helps you extract Job Listing Information from LinkedIn.

Before running the extraction, you need to provide the following three pieces of information – Job Location, Job Title. And lastly, how many job postings do you want to learn about from each extraction?

Using Browse AI

After you provide these three pieces of information, simply run the Browse.AI extraction. And Browse.AI will unearth the following information for you.

  • Job Title
  • Hiring Status
  • Job Description
  • Company
  • Job Link
  • Company LinkedIn Profile
  • Location
  • Seniority Level
  • Employment Type
  • Listing Date
  • Job Function
  • Industry

Extract Jobs on UpWork using Browser AI

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Are you a freelancer? Did you know more than 50% of the global workforce is self-employed? In fact, the minimum average wage for a freelancer is higher than that of the traditional job market.

Using Browse AI

In the above image, you can see the top Freelance jobs. In this article, you can learn more about 15 of the Best, Highest-Paying Freelance Jobs.

Whether you want to start a career in freelancing or have already started one, you can benefit greatly from using Browse AI. Furthermore, lucky for you, Browse AI already comes with a Prebuilt Robot that helps you extract job information from UpWork.

Simply paste an UpWork link, and Browse AI will extract

  • Title
  • Required time
  • Date
  • Description
  • Job link
  • Price
  • Level
  • Tags

Using Browse AI

What’s more, there are multiple other pre-built robots on Browse.AI.

Using Browse AI on Product Hunt

Are you a Gadget freak? Do you like learning about new gadgets and tech products? Then you must have already heard about Product Hunt. On this site, you will get to learn about all the new tools that are under development. In brief, starting from AI-Tools, and SAAS tools, to physical gadgets – Product hunt is a repository for all.
Using the PreBuilt Browse AI Robot for Scraping ProductHunt, you can find new Tech Trends and new ideas about tech innovation. Furthermore, you can scrap the site using category names or keywords.

Wrap UP!

So there you go, we have reached the end of this blog. The aim of this blog was to give you an overview of BrowseAI. In the coming days, we will be publishing thorough how-to blogs on the different use cases of Borwse AI.
Please let us know if you liked this blog. Also, leave a comment below in the comment section.

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